What We Do.

We work with clients on all levels of cartoon marketing.
Below are our most popular services.

Logo Design

Branding for your company is important. A me-too company logo doesn’t help you stand out from all the rest- a cartoon logo is a unique way to make a statement and make you memorable!


Variety of style counts- whether you need us to match existing artwork or start fresh.  We promise our design of your children’s book, t-shirt design, or gift idea will make you smile!

Mascot Design

There’s SO much you can do with a custom-designed company mascot. Consistency is where it’s at in marketing, and using your mascot is a fun way to achieve it- let’s work together to design the perfect character showing your company’s spirit!

Comic Strips

Custom comic strips are a common request from clients. Our comic strips can help tell a story, explain a product or service and increase customer awareness.


We work with voice artists and script writers to create you the perfect whiteboard video for your advertising, product demos, or website.

Caricature Drawings

We can turn anyone or anything into a cartoon. We've worked with large groups of people as well as individuals to develop fun cartoon caricatures.

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